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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transformation of Bhutan

In the land of thunder dragon
Wangchuk dynasty leads the country
Where smile on the face of citizens never faded
With full of joy and happiness

Much more happier than ever
In the year 2008
Where king bestowed full power to the citizens
Which turns monarchy to democracy

Bhutanese citizen chooses J.Y.T as 1st PM
Whose hard work and dedication never exhausted
Looking satisfaction and well being of citizens
With the vision equity and justice

The root of democracy became much more stronger
As the time passes by 2013
PDP being the second government
Manifestos and pledges were soo simple yet very effective
Within a short span of time
Outcomes and results were very dynamic and transparent

Yet 4 more years to come
If spirit continuous like at the moment
PDP is the best of best
              wish you all the best PDP

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